XTRGAPS monitoring system offers comprehensive analysis of information about the effectiveness of mobile personnel, vehicle usage and cargo transportation. For this purpose, all navigational and telemetric information coming from GPS device is processed by monitoring system and presented in visual form. You can also go to the interactive board panel to quickly view the status of your vehicles, in the form of graphical reports and tables you can quickly get information about your fleet.

XTRA GPS Analytics

Types of reports

Reports are divided into functional groups according to their main purpose. Below is a list of such groups and the most used reports: Trips: history of trips with detailed information, mileage, parking history

  • Geofences: visiting of geofences, control of deviation from the planned route of movement.
  • Safety and security: vehicle protection, personnel and cargo safety alarm events, triggering of sensors for departure from the object and an accident.
  • Vehicle operation: engine hours, fuel consumption, instrument readings and CAN/OBD2 data.
  • Driving quality: speeding, dangerous and careless driving, increased fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.
  • External equipment: operation of special mechanisms, readings of vehicle sensors, temperature and humidity during transportation of cargo.
  • The operation status of GPS devices: reports on GSM connection, backup battery charge, disconnection of external power.
  • Other reports: summary reports on various types of events, system messages, SMS location requests, etc.
XTRAGPS Types of Reports

Customizable settings and group reports
When configuring the report, the user can select one or more tracked objects, the report period, the work schedule (working days and hours), and also determine the specific parameters of the report.

XTRA GPS Customized Report Settings

Integration with corporate IS
The open API makes data at various levels, both raw and processed, available for uploading to third-party applications and corporate ERP systems. Geo-data is most effectively used in customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise information management (ECM) systems.