XTRA GPS allows the monitoring of a wide range of events based on the location of tracked objects. The triggers may include the pre-set maximum speed, the pre-set set oil change timer, the pre-set set entry and exit geofences, and a range of configurable sensors. Notifications can be made by email or SMS. The parameters of these events and notification methods are customizable by the user.


Types of monitored events
Movement: entering a geo-fence, going-off the route, speeding, starting parking, resuming movement.
Safety: pressing of alarm button, car alarm system activation, car battery disconnection, loss of GSM communication, accident sensor, fall or impact sensor, evacuation. Equipment control: activation of ignition, special mechanisms, pressing of buttons, temperature exceeding the set limits.
Driving quality: sudden maneuvers, prolonged parking with the engine running. Operation of the GPS device: low battery, disconnection from external power, removal of the SIM card, disconnection of the antenna. And many others...

XTRAGPS Web Pop-up Event

Notifications on the screen, phone or e-mail
When an event is detected, the system immediately informs the user with a message on the screen, by SMS-notification or automatic call or e-mail. Any number of contacts can be specified.
Each message contains:

  • Name of an object
  • Date and time of the event
  • User-configurable notification text
  • Location address and geographic coordinates
  • Map reference
XTRA GPS Email Notification