XTRGPS provides security for vehicles, drivers, and cargo through comprehensive threat information and automatic preventive actions, including engine blocking. These capabilities are used by both private car owners and organizations, such as security companies, collection services, and car rental companies.

The system analyses multiple telemetry data from GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO trackers, sensors, and vehicle systems around the clock. If a danger is detected, it informs a certain circle of people and initiates a response, such as blocking the engine start or turning on the siren. XTRGPS is also equipped with a GREEN DRIVER system that allows you to monitor rapid acceleration and sudden braking of vehicles. This function allows you to evaluate the quality of the driver's control over a certain period of time. You will be notified of the situation on the roads by SMS or e-mail.

Protection against car theft, monitoring of accidents, and driving quality
Special car theft protection solutions for private car owners and car rental companies register various out-of-the-ordinary situations, alerting the owner by phone about such threats as:

  • Triggered car alarm
  • Car evacuation
  • Departure outside the specified territory
  • Removing the battery of the car
  • Attempted GSM jamming
  • Disarming of security device
  • Triggering of alarm sensor
  • Aggressive driving
  • and many others
  • The system also allows you to remotely activate the engine start lock.

Alarm button for the driver
With the Alarm Button function on XTRAGPS tracker, in case of danger, the driver can send an alarm signal by pressing a special button. The message will be instantly addressed to the control center, as well as the notification can be configured by SMS, e-mail. Information about the place (address and coordinates) and time of the event will be included.

Cargo tampering control
The system uses special sensors to record where and when the cargo trunk or container was opened. The information about it immediately appears on the dispatcher's screen or is duplicated by SMS and e-mail and recorded in an electronic log.
The monitoring system allows remote parameter setting of interval tracking modes and energy-saving control of specialized GPS-trackers for cargoes, containers, and trailers in order to track cargoes that are transported over significant distances and for a long period of time. XTRAGPS system allows tracing movement between countries without additional reconfiguration of the equipment.

Real-time monitoring
The monitoring system has a special panel for dispatch centres and security services. It allows real-time monitoring of a certain range of alarm events in relation to the monitored devices. A separate screen with a map displays those messages that are relevant at the moment or meet the specified criterion.