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OBD2 Extension Cable (for Trace 5)

$50.00 $55.00

OBD-2 Extension Cables, choose the FLOW THRU that attaches to the front of your OBD2 port of keep everything well hidden with out Custom designed OBD2 Extension.

Both types are 16 Pin Male to Female OBD2 optional item that extend the location of the Trace5 tracking unit.

This FLOW-THRU utilizes a dual elbow connection meaning your Mechanic always has access to the diagnostic port and never has to unplug your GPS tracking device, but, it sits on the outside of the plug so there is a small sleeve sticking out. It was initially designed to be a Low Profile cabling option that provides easier installation and requires less space while allowing you to zap-strap the end of the cable with the tracking on it securely under the dash out of easy prying eyes.

In pack you have 17 different OBD2 connection mounts for different manufacturing brands.
Please note, this item does not include GPS tracker device.