Whether you're on the road or on the industrial site you can keep an eye on your facilities if you have a cell phone or tablet at hand. Simply install the mobile app or use the adapted Web interface.

XTRAGPS WEB iPad & iPhone Sofware view

Mobile app for Android and iOS
You can download the free GPRS Client app on Google Play and the App Store

XGPS Client Software
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Mobile app features

  • Monitor the movement of objects on the screen of your mobile device. Mobile applications are adapted to work both on smartphones and tablets.
  • Locations of objects on the map online
  • History of trips and events for any period
  • Cards with dashboard readings, sensors
  • Remote engine start lock
  • Notifications about configured geo-events
  • Tasks for mobile employees
  • Account management and balance top up
  • Language support
XTRA GPS Software Languages

Mobile Web-interface
If you go to the login page of the monitoring system from a mobile device, you will automatically be offered the mobile version of the Web- interface.

XTRAGPS Mobile App

Mobile Web-interface features

  • Mobile Web-interface is optimized for the performance of mobile devices and has an adaptive design for phones and tablets.
  • History of trips and events - in the list and on the map.
  • Detailed information about the tracked object in the info panel
  • Optimized for touchscreen phones and tablets
  • Modern design and high performance
  • Multiple language support